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Contractors who handle slurry, broken pavement, old bricks, tree stumps and other waste materials often need to dispose of these products at dumpsites. They want a quick, cost-effective disposal solution that is environmentally friendly. They prefer not to place the refuse in landfills and take up valuable space. B.E.S.T. Enterprises provides an affordable waste-disposal solution. B.E.S.T. Enterprises efficiently manages waste materials like slurry, concrete, bricks, block, and asphalt. Thus, contractors have an approved dumpsite to drop their waste and pick up recycled materials.

Recycling Waste at the Greenleaf Quarry

In 2015, B.E.S.T. Enterprises purchased an abandoned, 46-acre quarry in Greenleaf, Wisconsin. The quarry is a Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Stormwater Approved dumpsite where we accept many different types of waste. The refuse is crushed, processed and then sold to contractors for use on other projects. The quarry is open year-round to accommodate contractors’ needs.

Accepting Many Types of Waste Products

The Greenleaf quarry accepts many types of waste products:

  • Clean Soil
  • Fill Material
  • Brick & Building Stone
  • Concrete & Reinforced Concrete (not painted with lead-based paint)
  • Concrete & Broken Pavement
  • Wood, Brush, Stumps (not painted with preservatives or lead-based paint)
  • Spoils from Slurry, Sand, Gravel or Stone

Repurposing Granite Countertop Waste

At the Greenleaf quarry, we also produce Take It For Granite, a product made by crushing the waste generated from custom countertop manufacturing. We crush and screen granite countertop waste, so it can be repurposed as landscaping stone around homes and businesses.

Contractors can dump a load of concrete or asphalt and reload with landscape stone or other materials that they need back at the jobsite. The ability to unload and reload in the same trip increases efficiency and decreases trucking costs.

Disposing of Slurry Year-Round

Additionally, B.E.S.T. Enterprises accepts slurry loads from wet vac trucks and trailers year-round. We offer an environmentally friendly, convenient dumpsite for varying volumes of slurry.

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