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Excavation work presents many challenges. Excavators routinely deal with zoning regulations, underground utilities, adverse weather, safety concerns, and other issues. Unforeseen challenges during excavation can lead to missed deadlines and budget overruns. Successfully excavating a pond, basement, or septic system or grading a driveway, parking lot, or building pad requires specialized earth-moving equipment and expert operators. 

Expert Excavation Services

B.E.S.T. Enterprises provides expert excavation services in Northeast and Eastern Wisconsin, excavating with efficiency and precision. Our diverse fleet of excavating and grading equipment and skilled operators makes B.E.S.T. Enterprises a one-stop contractor. We have the advanced tools and know-how to efficiently complete earth-moving projects, so the site is ready for its next phase. We work closely with property owners and contractors to find affordable ways to handle all of their excavating and grading needs.

Excavating with Komatsu Equipment 

At B.E.S.T. Enterprises we use state-of-the-art Global Positioning System (GPS) equipment to provide the most accurate grading and excavating. We have a 290 Komatsu excavator with integrated GPS machine control which allows us to excavate with a high degree of accuracy, within one-tenth of a foot. We use the GPS integrated excavator to excavate building foundations, basements, sewer utility trenches, septic systems, sanitary and water laterals, and ponds. 

Grading with Advanced GPS Technology

B.E.S.T. Enterprises also uses a D51 Komatsu bulldozer with integrated GPS machine control to grade with a high degree of accuracy, within one-tenth of a foot. With the D51 Komatsu bulldozer and integrated GPS machine control, we grade out parking lots, building pads, driveways, and large site-work features such as ponds and berms. 

Project Design and GPS Integration

On big projects, we start with a design from a project engineering firm. Then, we send it to our vendor who builds a model for our GPS equipment. On smaller projects, we build exactly what clients want by surveying the site and creating an as-built design for our equipment.

Demolition, Clean-Up, and Material Handling

With a wide variety of equipment on hand and qualified operators, we complete diverse commercial, residential, and agriculture projects. These include demolition projects, disaster clean-up, and contaminated soil clean-up. We also handle material delivery and placement. We work closely with clients and contractors to understand their goals and successfully complete excavation and grading projects. Put our experience to work for you.

Excavating in Northeast & Eastern WI

Let us help with all of your Excavating needs in Northeast and Eastern Wisconsin. We look forward to discussing your project to determine the best solution for you!

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